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Lifetime Stock Video Review And Honest Review

Lifetime Stock Video is LITERALLY the last stock video you will spend for. Our clients quit paying $10 - $199 each royalty-free video clip rather pay us when for endless accessibility to over 1,000 4K & HD royalty complimentary videos
And we add 75 new 4K video clips each month.
Are You Tired of Paying $10 - $199 each Stock Video?
Numerous customers believe it's the only way to obtain royalty-free supply videos.
Are you among the endless stream of consumers that has paid between $10 and also $199 each supply video? Don't be ashamed - for the longest time, it was to the only means to get supply video histories & supply video footage. Not any longer.
Present supply video suppliers have actually always billed per video. As well as aristocracy complimentary stock video background as well as video rates is crazy. Up to $199 per video. That happens in any kind of monopolistic sector before it's disrupted. Not any longer.
Do every one of your video clips look the same? Are you utilizing the same video histories and also video footage you acquired in 2012 for every one of your tasks. Reusing and also recycling assets due to the fact that you can not pay for brand-new supply video clip possessions? Not any longer.
Wouldn't it behave to understand that after you join the Lifetime Stock Video subscription club, the revival will be $0.00 ... For life? Every month you'll save money on your supply video charges. From just 2.5 cents per video. Surefire deposit monthly.
A Few Words From Our Customers
Don't simply take our word for it. Pay attention to what our consumers have to claim regarding Lifetime Stock Video's Impressive Library of 4K & HD Assets
Supercharge Your Videos To The Top With 4K & HD
YouTube Benefits High quality analyzed 1.3 million YouTube videos to better recognize just how YouTube's search engine works.
One of the essential indicators recognized is that HD videos dominate YouTube's search results. 68.2% of videos on the very first web page of YouTube are in HD or far better.
And also it's estimated that only 25% of videos on YouTube are offered in HD or far better.
4K Prior to Your Competition
According to the YouTube Engineering and also Developers Blog 2016 post "A check out YouTube's video clip file makeup", just 26% of videos being submitted remain in HD as well as under 1% of videos being uploaded remain in 4K (really only 0.32% )
The chance to leapfrog your competitors on YouTube is ripe and also the tools you have to attain this are in your grasp for a crazy-low one time investment.
Visitors Are Trying to find 4K
Google Trends show that YouTube searches including the term "4K" have actually boosted over 250% in the last 18 months.
Combined with the exceptionally low quantity of 4K video clips being posted, you could rapidly understand that the time to benefit from this is currently.
And Lifetime Stock Video makes it feasible for less.
Complete Subscription Site
Your Lifetime Stock Video purchase includes lifetime access to our Stock Video website. Unlike other low cost graphics/ video clips/ audio specials, this isn't a "firesale" or "collection" - we do not provide you a 100 GB dump of unsearchable possessions with insane names like - Your acquisition won't collect dirt on your disk drive.
We provide you with 24x7 unrestricted access to our website where you can sneak peek every video and also browse or keyword/ tag look for videos you want to use.
You Can Utilize Lifetime Supply Videos in
Any of These Various Types of Videos Affiliate Testimonial Videos
Explainer Videos
JV Companion Videos
Special deal Video clips
Testimonial Videos
. Property Videos.
Video clip Intros
Video clip Outros
List building Videos
Phone call to Activity Videos
Guide Videos
Promotional Introductions
Company Brand name Video clips
List building Videos
Sales Videos
And A lot more Kinds of Video clips ...
How Much Is This Worth?
Video Video has actually always been insane expensive. Shutterstock charges $199 for 4K video footage and also $79 for HD video.
To acquire our collection of 4K and also HD video as well as histories at Shutterstock would set you back $139,000.
500 HD Videos (500 x $79) $39,500.
250 4K Videos (250 x $199) $49,750.
250 4K Footage (250 x $199) $49,750.
1,000 4K & HD Videos & Video $139,000.
Plus 75 New 4K Videos Monthly.
For the following 2 years we will add 75 new month-to-month 4K Video clips to the Lifetime Stock Video subscription cite. 1,800 new 4K Video clips over the next 2 years. This would set you back $14,925 at Shutterstock every month. A total Shutterstock expense of $358,200 over 24 months.
75 4k Videos & Footage (75 x $199) $14,925.
Monthly for 2 years x 24 months.
1,800 4K Videos & Footage $358,200.
30-Day/ 100 Download and install 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Acquisition Lifetime Stock Video today in full confidence, because the threat is all on us.
For 30-days from acquisition Lifetime Stock Video is providing a 'no-hassle, no doubt' guarantee (offered you have actually not downloaded and install 100 or even more specific data.).
In the unlikely occasion you make a decision that Lifetime Stock Video is not for you, merely call our support desk for a complete reimbursement of your payment.
Front End - Standard Lifetime Stock Video.
Personal for $22.00 - 1,000 4K & HD video clips for own projects/videos. Plus 75 4K videos each month.
Developer/Designer for $24.95 - 1,000 4K & HD video clips for own projects/videos and clients projects/videos.
Plus 75 4K video clips per month.
OTO1 - Expert Lifetime Stock Video.
Expert for $37.00 - Upgrade to 3,300 4K & HD video clips for own projects/videos and clients projects/videos.
Plus 250 4K videos each month.
OTO1 Downsell - Specialist Lifetime Stock Video.
Specialist for $27.00 - Upgrade to 3,000 4K & HD videos for very own projects/videos and clients projects/videos.
( 300 less videos and also no perks.) Plus 250 4K video clips monthly.
OTO2 - HD Video Subscription Club.
Business for $37.00 - Addon 15,000 HD Pictures for own projects/videos and also customers projects/videos.
OTO2 Downsell - HD Video Subscription Club.
Premium for $27.00 - Addon 12,000 HD Images for own projects/videos and also clients projects/videos.
( 3,000 much less pictures as well as no perks.).
OTO3 - Lifetime Stock Video Reseller.
Reseller 20 for $67.00 - resell 20 Standard bundles ($ 940 worth).
Reseller 50 for $97.00 - resell 50 Conventional packages ($ 2,350 worth).
Reseller 500 for $127.00 - resell 500 Requirement & Expert bundles ($ 47,000 worth).
OTO3 Downsell - Lifetime Stock Video Reseller 3-Pay.
Reseller 20 for 3 monthly payments of $27.00 (overall $81) - resell 20 Standard bundles ($ 940 value).
Reseller 50 for 3 monthly repayments of $37.00 (complete $111) - market 50 Basic plans ($ 2,350 value).
Reseller 500 for 3 regular monthly settlements of $47.00 (overall $141) - resell 500 Standard & Professional plans ($ 47,000 value).

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